River Tam (subsulcus) wrote,
River Tam

.001 • action | video

[ river doesn't remember falling asleep. it's not usually a notable event, something as unnoticeable as breathing, but considering the last thing she remembers is being on the bridge and all the numbers that entails, that would be memorable. growing wings, too, and going planetside in winter. (logic dictates that if it was an intended stop, simon would've made her wear a coat. nothing about it has any intent she can find, not of hers.)

the initial panic is tempered with cold, everything growing desaturated and small. first steps are to look: debris, people, blood, the signs of grievous malfunction or the eruption of alliance-based backlash. all she finds are a river (it's south, though she has no idea yet what it may be south of) and a book.

by the time she gets to examining the journal, pushing buttons on instinct and the need for communication, she's damp and shivering. ]

Didn't crash her. Entrance velocity on impact would-- [ she stops herself there, backtracks, finds the easier road. ] There'd be fire.

[ it sounds unsure, and then her teeth chatter a little like some involuntary confirmation about the distinct lack of fire or anything resembling fire-related properties. ]

It's cold.
Tags: ( !ic: luceti ), ( @ action ), ( @ video ), ( • intro ), + angel, + archie kennedy, + buffy summers, + cordelia chase, + ginji, + glitch, + jack sparrow, + jason st. andrews, +ushiromiya ange
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